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*No collection no fee*

For collection of past due accounts involving commercial debts, business to business transactions, the following fees are applied, after collection based on the oldest open invoice date:

AGE OF ACCOUNT                                  RATE
0-60 DAYS                                                25%
61-120 DAYS                                            33%
120 DAYS TO A YEAR                             38%

*1) Creditor agrees to report any payments or contact from the debtor immediately. 2) Creditor agrees not to negotiate with the debtor directly after placement, 3) Creditor agrees not to interfere with our collection efforts. 3) If the debtor calls Creditor agrees to refer them to us @ 631-627-6000. 4) Creditor agrees to send any debtor checks to our office for clearing.
All funds recovered will be deposited by B & W and remitted to you after deduction of our fees by the 21ST of the following month. You will be liable to B & W for the fees set forth in this agreement, on any or all funds, which you receive from any source, barter, exchange, additional work, returns or credits that apply towards or reduce the balance of debtor accounts including their successors that have been placed with B & W. Pursuant to this agreement, you hereby authorize B & W to receive and endorse in your companies names any and all checks, notes, drafts, bills of exchanges or orders for the payment of money payable or endorsed to you which come to B & W’s possession by virtue of its acting as your collection agent. B & W will remit the proceeds to you, less any fees which may be due to B & W. You personally guarantee payment of the fees due to B & W on payments that you receive from accounts placed. On accounts that are over a year old, lawsuit and legal demand, consumer or international accounts the rate is forty five percent. In the event the client fails to remit fees due to B&W, forcing B&W to refer the bill to an attorney for collection, the client will be responsible for all reasonable attorney fees costs and disbursements. Client further agrees if litigation is required to collect funds and fees due to Benjamin and Williams client consents and agrees to jurisdiction and venue of the state courts in the state of New York County of Suffolk, including but not limited to district courts in Suffolk County, New York. The client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the agency for all claims made by any person, firm or corporation as a result of the agencies collection efforts on the client’s behalf, or for client billing errors or invalid debts. No account will be cancelled or closed until an officer of B&W states in writing that an account is closed and uncollectible Fees are due no matter where the debtor pays the bill, to you directly or to the agency, whether you take the payment or feel you collected it. Fees are due and payable to B&W as each payment is received. If you pull an account, interfere with collection, or tell a debtor not to cooperate with B &W on any account submitted to B & W, pursuant to this agreement, before B & W has effected collection or before an officer of B & W deems the account uncollectible in writing, you will be liable to B & W for the fees that B & W would have earned had it collected the withdrawn account in full. You authorize B & W as your agent, to send any account to a B&W attorney for demand. No lawsuits will be filed without your written approval. If suit is filed, all court costs and nonrefundable suit handling fee to be paid by the creditor in addition to rates charged on collection of funds; B & W has exclusive rights to collect claims placed. If merchandise returns are accepted by you, the fee will be half our regular rates, based upon the invoice value of such merchandise.